Adults: DIY Stick Figure Costume

DIY Stick Figure Costume

This costume idea is super fun, especially for someone going out in the dark: a glow in the dark DIY stick figure costume. In general, this is a pretty easy costume to put together, but there are also a few tricky things about it that can go wrong, so you want to be prepared. Check […]

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Couples: Quail Man and Patty Mayonnaise Costume

Quail Man Costume

If you grew up watching Nickelodeon in the 90s like me, then you will totally appreciate this amazing couple’s costume! Quail Man and Patty Mayonnaise! Quail Man was the super cool alter ego of Doug, my very favorite TV show as a kid. My brother always loved Rugrats, and I loved Doug. In general, this […]

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GROUPS: Super Fruit Costumes

Super fruit group costume idea!!

Race season is upon us, and there are so many fun idea to dress up as a group! (Here are 25 more group costume ideas!) How about running as a group of Super Fruits including a super strawberry, orange, pineapple, blueberry, and a watermelon! They used felt and a hot glue gun to make fruit […]

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ADULTS: Deer Costume

deer costume

This DIY deer costume from Flattery is especially beautiful. The hardest part about this costume is probably making the antlers, which are made out of aluminum foil and paper mache. The body of the costume is made with a brown unitard, some furry fabric, a little felt, and some fabric paint. The most dramatic part of […]

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BABY: Cow Costume with an Udder

DIY baby cow costume with udder

There’s something so adorable about a baby in a costume. I especially love DIY costumes that are made with a onesie. This cow costume by Make It & Love It is just perfect. The cow onesie is really simple and easy to make, and you could definitely make it without a sewing machine or sewing […]

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BABY: Crochet Bunny Ears

crochet bunny ears

These crochet bunny ears are just about the cutest things ever! Pikadilly Charm shares a great tutorial, along with a free pattern. I especially love the floppy bunny ears. This would be a perfect craft to make for a special baby for Easter (or any occasion. Animal ears on babies are the best!) You could […]

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KIDS: DIY Bunny Rabbit Costume

bunny rabbit costume

This DIY bunny rabbit costume by would be fun for dressing up for Easter, or it would make a cute Halloween costume for a kid. What’s great about this costume is that all you really need is an oversized white sweatshirt, scissors, a hot glue gun, a white boa, and some pink felt. No […]

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COUPLES: Butterfly and a butterfly catcher

Awesome couples costume idea

Julie Ann Art is a Halloween couples costume creating genius! (Remember the Lightening and lighting strikes and tooth and tooth fairy!) For Halloween 2014 she whipped up a butterfly and a butterfly catcher! Oh and did you know that the official/scientific name of a some who studies and catches butterflies is a Lepidopterist? Yea, me either!

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GROUPS: Captain Hook costumes

Captain Hook costumes

Anna turned her cute fam into the cast of characters from Captain Hook! Dad is Tick Tock crock, Mom is The Lost Boy, and the kiddos are Peter Pan, Tink, and Captain Hook! Adorable!

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ADULTS: Pregnant Avocado costume

Pregnant Avocado costume

Studio DIY came up with this genius no sew, no fuss idea for a pregnant Halloween costume, and the bump gets to be the avocado seed! All you need is a green and a brown t-shirt for this pregannt avacado costume!

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