KIDS: DIY Jet pack costume

Arelene, who also made this awesome DIY airplane costume, whipped up this really awesome DIY jet pack costume for her son! To make the jet pack she used two empty, clean cake boxes and rolled them into cylinders.  She spray painted them silver and used hot glue and duct tape to hold the cylinders together.  She attached a foam disk to the top of each jet pack. Arlene then attached garters to the jet pack to make the jet pack fit like a backpack over her sons shoulders. She attached different shades of red, orange, and yellow fabric to the bottom of the jet pack to look like flames. The flame pants were made by attaching fabric to a pair of athletic shorts with hot glue! The fake legs are just a pair of jeans stuffed with a hose and batting. She  attached Converse shoes at the bottom of the pant legs to finish up the costume! Nice work, Arelene!

DIY Jet pack costume

BABIES: Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes

Spot of Tea Designs whipped up adorable Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes for her twins! She used red onesies and pants and made them each a blue flower head band. The “1” and “2” are printed on adhesive mailing labels… genius and easy enough!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes

See the detailed costume tutorial and lots more pictures here. And here’s another fun DIY Thing 1 and Thing 2 costume ideas!

KIDS: DIY Crocodile costume

The only thing I love more than homemade costumes is homemade recycled costumes! This DIY crocodile costume is made out of a cardboard box and a brown paper bag. Impressive! Check out the full costume tutorial at Evil mad scientist!

DIY Crocodile costume

BABIES: DIY Octopus costume

Bonnie turned her adorable 5 month baby girl into an Octopus for Halloween. I love the polka dot fabric choice and the felt pom pom’s as the octopus’ suckers! You can buy the pattern for the octopus belt at her etsy store!

DIY Octopus costume

COUPLES: Publishers Clearing House Costume

I’m not even sure if Publishers Clearing House is still a thing, but I remember it from my childhood! This DIY Publishers Clearing House costume is greatness and the best part, you and yours get to wear your pajamas! The only costume necessities are curlers in the hair, slippers, and a giant check written out to you! Oh and of course balloons! See more costumes from this cute couple on Ask Anna!

Publishers Clearing House Costume

And if you’er curious… here is more information about Publishers Cleaning House from our friends at Wikipedia!

COUPLES: Google maps costume

Here’s an awesome DIY couple costume for the technology lovers… Google maps costume! Craft up giant red markers that mimic Google maps destination markers. Then you can fight over who gets to be Destination A and Destination B. Then all you need are grey t-shirts, yellow duck tape and street names and bus stop signs! Genius!

Google maps costume


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GROUP: Super Mario group costumes

Chungry girl out together a clever group costume idea for her co-workers! They DIY’ed Super Mario group costumes! This is a great idea because you can add as many characters as you want. And all you really need to be Mario or Luigi is a pair of overalls, a red or green shirt and a red or green hat! You can add a Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, or even Donkey Kong!

Super Mario group costumes

COUPLES: DIY Jack and Coke costume

Chungry girl whipped up this clever DIY couples costume for her and her boyfriend! Oh and the DIY Jack and Coke costume is no sew! She used a silver ribbon at the top and bottom of her dress and transfer paper for the Coca Cola logo! She all of the DIY Jack and Coke costume details here. If you’re more of a Crown and Coke person, don’t miss this DIY couples costume!

DIY Jack and Coke costume


KIDS: DIY rainbow costume

The Chirping moms crafted up a DIY rainbow costume for her daughter our of felt and toilet paper! That’s right I said toilet paper! She used an existing red dress and sewed strips of fabric over it and then the clouds are toilet paper! Talk about creative! You can see the complete DIY rainbow tutorial here.

DIY rainbow costume

BABIES: DIY chicken costume

Is your baby a spring chicken? Craft up a DIY chicken costume for your little nugget of love! Jessica used 2 white boas for the chicken feathers and rubber gloves as feet! Pretty clever if you ask me! Not to mention, adorable!

DIY chicken costume


Read more about how she made the DIY chicken costume at Living the swell life.