GROUPS: DIY adult skeleton costumes

Here’s a fun and fairly easy group costume for ya… gather up all of your friends and be an army of skeletons! And best of all, this is a new sew costume. Gold feathers made these Halloween costumes out of duct tape! Yep, it’s just white duct tape on black shirt and pants! Easy peasy!

DIY adult skeleton costumes

Totally rad 80’s girl costume

I have a thing for the 80’s, maybe it’s because that’s the decade I was born? Maybe I just love mismatched socks and off of the shoulder shirts? Either way, Angie made her daughter a totally rad 80’s costume last Halloween. She bought the sunglasses, skirt and t-shirt at the Dollar Store, added screen printing to a pair of leggings she already owned, and wore jewelry and shoes she already had on hand!

80s girl costume

How cute is this totally rad 80’s girl costume? See all of the 80’s girl costume deets at The Country Chic Cottage!

KIDS: DIY Jesse and Slinky Dog Costumes

I wasn’t sure if I should file this one under pets, kids, or groups! So, it’s officially under all 3 labels! Sherry from Young House Love made her beloved kids, Clara and pup, Burger a DIY Jesse and Slinky dog costumes from the movie, Toy Story. A pair of jeans got some white duck tape cow spots and Sherry made a simple giant yarn braid and attached it to a cowboy hat for Jesse. Burger the pup got a felt, no sew slinky wrap.

DIY jesse and Slinky dog costumes

See all of the Jesse and Slinky dog costume deets over at Young House Love. Oh and if you’re looking for more handamde Toy Story costumes, here’s another version of Toy Story Jesse and Mr Potato Head.

KIDS: Handmade Little Red Riding Hood

How sweet is this handmade little red riding hood costume? Lindsay from Artsy Fartsy Mama made the dress and cape from a pattern and used red gingham fabric. I love that the gingham dress is totally wearable as an everyday dress even after Halloween! Lindsay gathered a white shirt, tights and sparkly red shoes to complete the outfit. The basket came from a thrift store.  She tied in some red ribbon in her hair, and little red riding hood was all good to go.


handmade little red riding hood

Handmade tiara for dress up

Happy national tiara day! Tiara’s are a really awesome costume accessory, don’t ya think? Here are 5 tutorials for making handmade tiaras. It’s the perfect addition to the dress up box and to use for costumes this Halloween!

handmade tiara

1. Leslie from Sew Leslie made a fun Rupunzel look a like tiara for her little one. She used Mod podge and craft foam.

handmade tiara


2. Ashley from Cherished Bliss has a fun tutorial for fancy handmade fabric crown!


handmade tiaras

3. And here is a unique tiara made out of clay, wire, and crystals from Jerri Lynn Reeves.

handmade tiara

4. Here is an adorable tiara made out of a paper bag and artificial flowers! This would make the perfect addition to a woodland fairy costume  Ohhh or how fun would it be to make these at a little girls birthday party? See the all of the handmade tiara details at Happy hooligans.

handmade tiara

5. If you love handmade, but don’t have time to make it, you can buy a handmade crocheted tiara from my canasta partner, Barb, at her online store for only $6! Isn’t it cute!

handmade tiaras

Happy tiara making!

COUPLES: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes

Kim from seven thirty three whipped up some really awesome handmade Mr. and Mrs. Potato head costumes for her and her husband. She made both costumes out of 3 yards of brown felt, elastic, hot glue and felt sheets for the facial features. Kim has a step by step tutorial for turning you and yours into a favorite child hood toy on her blog.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costumes

COUPLES: Cruella Deville and Horace Costumes

Leigh Ann from Your Homebased Mom did it again (she also whipped up Mary Poppins and Bert costumes)! This time her and her husband created  these really awesome Cruella Deville and Horace costumes! The  Cruella Deville must haves include a black dress, tons of pearls, red gloves, black and white wig and a dalmatian coat. Leigh Ann is well, awesome and whipped the coat the morning of the big day! Horace is a little easier. He just needs a grey beanie, coat, and the net with a stuffed dalmatian is key!


handmade adult halloween costumes

See all of the Horace and Cruella costume details over at Your Homebased Mom.

GROUP: Handmade Mario and Luigi Costumes

I love Super Mario Brothers as a kid… best video game ever. Amy from Maker Mama made her for kiddos a group costume based on the mario brothers video games. She found the sweet little girls Princess Peach and flower costumes at the second hand store.  The handmade Mario and Luigi costumes were made with custom hats, mustaches, and blue jean overalls!

handmade mario and luigi costumes

See all of the handmade Mario Brother group costume details overat Maker Mama.

Easy handmade cowboy vest for a kid

Carolina from 30 Minute Crafts whipped up a 15 minute felt handmade cowboy vest for her sweet kiddo. You could use a sewing machine or just glue! And look how happy his new cowboy vests makes him… !

Easy kid handmade cowboy vest

See the step by step 15 minute cowboy vest details over at 30 Minute Crafts.

Handmade Slurpee halloween costumes for kids

Char from Crap I’ve Made turned her cute kiddos into one of my favorite drinks, a Slurpee! She made the cup of the costumes out of automotive headliner fabric and lots latex paint! She downloaded the Slurpee font, and used her Silhouette to cut out a stencil for the letters. The straw is a pool noodle! I am super impressed with these life sized handmade Slurpee costumes!

Slurpee halloween costume

Check out Crap I’ve Made for more details on the handmade Slurpee costumes! This would make a fun group or couple costume too!