Handmade dress up wings

These are the prettiest handmade dress up wings I’ve ever seen! Seriously, I want a pair for me! Prudent baby, guest poster, Eri shares a step by step tutorial about how to make the wings. This is a great project to use some pretty fabric scraps.

Handmade dress up wings

This would be an adorable Halloween costume that could be used all year around in the dress up bin!

ADULT: A man trying to walk through a hurricane costume

This really easy handmade adult halloween costume made me laugh out loud! All you need to be a man (or woman) walking through a hurricane is a broken umbrella and some newspaper. Seriously, how easy is that? The coffee cup and tie taped to the shoulder are pretty good touches too. Oh and of course you need to make the wind blown face the entire night! I found the original image here.

easy Handmade adult halloween costume

KIDS: Handmade wagon costume

Halloween costume parades are fun, and what better way to  ensure  your kiddo stays in the wagon than to cage ’em in the sucker, ha! Just kidding about that, but isn’t this handmade wagon costume genius! I wish I knew who actually made this, but I loved the costume so much I’ve saved these 2  pictures on my computer for years (pre pinterest era!). Basically it’s just a painted card board box with a hole cut out for the kid’s head. Oh and the picture on the camera screen is a must!

handmade costume for a wagon

And here is the front 0f the camera, complete with a lens:

handmade costume for a wagon

This had to have won a costume parade, right? I love it!

Psst… Here are 29 DIY Halloween costumes for kids!

COUPLES: Big bad wolf and little red riding hood costumes

Claudia and her husband from Casa de Berry are halloween costume making pros! Check out this homemade big bad wolf and little red riding hood costume that scored them first place at a Halloween Party in 2006! Claudia says, “My husband made a mesh helmet and glued it to the top of the fur head. Then he cut up pieces of fur, glued them to his face, and made it fade it into the makeup.” She even went on to tell me that he did his own makeup! Claudia sewed his nightgown and cap. She also sewed her red cape.


handamde couple halloween costumesSee more of their Halloween costume awesomeness at Casa de Berry!

GROUPS: Handmade Smore Costumes

Mackenzie from Cheerios and Lattes made her family of four into s’mores! And the best part, she made the handmade s’more costumes out of cardboard boxes and paint. No thread and needles needed! Oh and that little marshmallow  it’s just 2 pillows and velcro… genius!

handmade smore costume

See all of the S’more family costume deets at Cheerios and Lattes. And if you like this tasty costume, you’ll love this handmade family of desserts Halloween costumes!

A handmade alien Halloween costume for kids and adults

Be prepared to be amazed!

Although, I’ve never seen the movie, Alien, I’ve got a pretty feel for what it’s about ; ) Claudia’s husband turned their 7 year old boy into the main monster from the movie, The  Zenomorph! Claudia said, “We bought a surfing outfit as the base and glued various things onto the suit.  The head was molded from plastic and set on a helmet.  There were also gloves and shoe covers made from felt with pieces glued to the felt.” her husband worked on this masterpiece for 40+ hours! This is one really awesome handmade alien Halloween costume!

handmade alien halloween costume

What do you think? Could you re-create this really awesome costume? See more details at Claudia’s blog, Casa de Berry!

COUPLES: Waldo and Wenda Costumes

Jodi from Meaningful Mama is at it again… this time with a fun and easy couple costume. It’s Waldo and Wend from my beloved childhood books! Side note: Those books are genius, it kept me and siblings busy for hours searching for Waldo and the books he dropped! To make the costumes, Jodi and her husband used red fabric paint on plain white t-shirts. They purchased the glasses and beanies. You could also use red duck tape for the stripes, if you had that handy!

 Easy couple costume

Check out lots more handmade costumes by Jodi from the Meaningful Mama.

COUPLES: Bowler and Bowling Pin Costumes

Jodi and Meaningful Mama is a costume genius! (You can see her sweet Candy Land family costumes here.) Here’s what Jodi said, “I was really pregnant when I came up with this idea. I was really hoping I would make it to Halloween just so I could wear the costume! I made the bowling pin out of felt. I cut out the shape of the pin, sewed on the red stripes and sewed the two pieces together and cut out holes for my belly and face. I used wire hangers taken apart to make the structure stand tall.” Oh and of course she added 3 little felt dots to her bowling ball belly!

handmade pregnant couple costumes

And Jodi’s husband just found his shirt at Goodwill! Easy peasy and super cute!

Mexican inspired handmade costumes

Happy Cinco de Mayo! In honor of Cinco de Mayo we are featuring 4 Mexican inspired handmade costumes!

Mexican inspired costumesThe first is an adorable little Frida Kahlo costume by Oh happy Day. Frida Kahol was a was a Mexican painter, who is best known for her self-portraits (more info on Wikipedia).You’ll need clip on Flowers, eyeliner pencil, earrings, scarf, and a dress for this costume. See all of the Frida Kahol inspired costume deets on Oh Happy Day!

Handmade Mexican inspired costumes

And the second Mexican inspired costume, is a traditional Mexican serape costume made by Evolution of a Party.

Mexican inspired handmade costumes

When I think pinata, I think Mexico! (Although, after a little research, it sounds like pinatas might have originated in China!) You can view all of the DIY pinata costume details here.

Mexican inspired handmade costume

And the last one is for the pups! How cute is this dog costume in a tiny serape! Perfect for a happy Hallo-Weenie, ha!

Mexican inspired handmade costumes


Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends!

GROUPS: Candy Land Costumes

I love board games! How fun would it be for the whole fam to dress up in handmade Candy Land costumes?! Meaningful Mama did just that! Here’s the low down on how she put the 5 costumes together:

  • Lolly – Purchased a little ballet outfit and sewed on the blue trim. Used colorful iron-on patches that I cut into circles and stripes and ironed them on to the skirt to look like lollipops. Used puff paint to add swirls to the lollipops. The crown was purchased and colorful stones added with a hot glue gun. Attached butterfly wings to the back of the ballet outfit.
  • Princess Frostine – The princess dress was found at Goodwill, and she sewed the cape and attached it to the dress with a broach!
  • Grandma Nut – The wig, purple tights, and green shoes were all thrift store items. She added a peanut to the shoes with a hot glue gun. The orange dress was sleeveless, and found at Goodwill. She sewed matching orange fabric to create the puff sleeves and the  green collar.
  • Mr. Mint – She recycled a Waldo shirt from another costume, and added duck tape to an almost all white hat. Duck tape was also used for his socks and axe. The red pants were found at Goodwill, and  stamped with fabric paint and some Christmas stamps. She bought suspenders at Good Will and added a mint button I found at the fabric store. The scarf and fluffy sock cuffs I sewed together using red and white fabric. The yellow garden gloves are from the garage, and they purchased the clown shoes and nose at Goodwill.
  • Gingerbread man costume was purchased.

handmade family halloween costumes

See lots more of Meaningful Mama’s clever Halloween costumes on her blog!