GROUP: School Supplies

If you love to craft or make, these school supply costumes are perfect for you!

3 DIY School Supplies Costumes

1. Elmers Glue Bottle

Each letter on the Elmer’s Glue bottle costume is hand cut out of felt, and check out the orange beanie that looks exactly like a glue bottle topper! Amazing, right?

2. Crayola Crayon costume

The Crayola crayon used a red funnel as a hat for the crayon point and also hand cut each letter out of felt. Genius!

3. Watercolor costume

The watercolor costume could easily be recreated out of cardboard and paint and secured around your neck like a giant necklace with a ribbon. How about that giant paint brush!?

Teacher-Halloween-CostumesFor more details and pictures, check out Everyday Living.

ADULTS: DIY Operation game costume

I know you remember the board game, Operation, and that crazy loud “Bzzzzz” when you touch your operating stick to the side of the game while trying to extract a bone!

2 DIY Operation Game Costumes

Whether you are looking for a couples costume or a solo costume, here are two fun DIY Operation game costumes ideas for you to try.

1. DIY Couples Operation Costumes

Love game board and being comfortable? This couples costume is for you! Would you rather wear scrubs as the operator be the Operation game board in a grey sweat suit?

Operation couples costume

2. Easy DIY Operation Costume

This Arizona women turned herself into a living board game with a skin colored shirt and tights. She cut out bones and organs from car stock and attached them to her clothes. Don’t forget the red nose and your extractor tool!

DIY Operation game costume

ADULTS: DIY Starbucks costume

You are what you eat or uhh… drink, right?! Why not turn yourself into your favorite treat for Halloween.

DIY Starbucks Costume

Making a DIY Starbucks costume is easy, all you need is a simple brown dress.  You can add the Starbucks logo to it by printing it out and just safety pinning it on! A white boa and around the neck gives you the perfect whip cream and the gold ribbon mimics caramel, yum! Oh and of course you’ll need a green straw headband. To make the headband, roll up a peice of green construction paper and hot glue it to a headband.

DIY Starbucks costumeFor another fun Starbucks costume idea, don’t miss this DIY Starbucks couples costume with a barista and a frappuccino.

PETS: Wonder Bread Dog Costume

Not only is this dog costume hilarious, it’s so easy to put together your very own “pure bread”!

DIY Wonder Bread Dog Costume

The caveat for this dog costume is your pup has to fit inside of the plastic bread package. Unfortunately, this means small dogs only. Simply, cut the top off of the Wonder Bread bag off and slip Fido inside. Then tie the tail with the bread twist tie and he’s all “bready” for Halloween!

Bread bag dog costumeImage found via Imgur

ADULTS: DIY jelly belly costume

Juicy pear is always a winning jelly bean flavor in my book, and so is this DIY costume!

DIY Jelly Bean Costume

Peta Hatton put together this super cute DIY jelly belly costume using water balloons (filled with air), a dry cleaners clear plastic bag and a Jelly Belly logo printed out and adhered to the bag.  You could pull this look off with all black clothing like she did or any other bright solid clothing items to coordinate with the balloon colors.  I love the simplicity of this but it’s so eye catching, fun and unique!

 DIY jelly belly costume

See more about this costume here.